Solid Waste Disposal

Trash Collection Service Day MapThe City of Reynoldsburg has a solid waste disposal contract with Local Waste Services. Trash, yard waste, recycling and bulk items are picked up on Wednesday or Thursday. All trash must be properly contained in either bags or trash cans that are no more than 50 pounds. All yard waste must either be in yard waste bags or in a designated container labeled "yard waste." (Note: yard waste in plastic bags as well as soil or rock will not be taken). 

Recycling must be in the proper recycling containers but does not have to be sorted. Learn more about what can be recycled. To schedule a bulk item pickup, please contact Local Waste Services direct at 614-409-9375 no later than 3 pm the day before trash is scheduled to be picked up.

Trash & Recycling Guidelines & Reminders

General Service Guidelines

  • Place trash in bags or containers, not exceeding 50 pounds each.
  • Place recycling in the blue recycling cart. Recycling carts were distributed in May 2019 and are assigned to each home. If you need a blue recycling cart, or have a damaged cart, please call the Water Department at 614-322-6811.
  • Place trash, recycling and yard waste curbside the evening before the designated service day.

Bulky Items & Appliances

  • Please call Local Waste Services 24 hours in advance at 614-409-9375 to schedule a bulk pick up. Local Waste Services will collect bulky household items from the curb on your trash service day.
  • Examples of bulky items: Appliances, carpet, furniture and toys. Please note that mattresses and upholstered items must be fully wrapped in plastic. This is an OSHA requirement.
  • Contact Local Waste Services for information about items with Freon.

TV Disposal

Televisions MUST have their screens taped in order to prevent shattering. Per contract, Local Waste Services is not required to pick up any TV that is not safely packaged for disposal. Any TV over 32 inches must be a flat screen TV and scheduled as a bulk item with Local Waste Services 614-409-9375 at least 24-hours before trash day. TVs under 32 inches do not need to be called in to Local Waste Services.

Senior Citizen Discount

A discounted rate for Local Waste Services solid waste removal is available to residents at least 60 years old. Residents must show an I.D. with proof of age at the Water Department located in the Municipal Building at 7232 E Main Street. For further information please contact the Water Department at 614-322-6811.

Yard Waste Guidelines

Yard waste is organic waste generated during regular household gardening and landscaping such as grass clippings, leaves, twigs, branches, and shrubbery. Unacceptable yard waste includes plastic bags, pots, food waste, rocks and dirt.

  • Branches: Cut branches to 4 feet or shorter. Tie into bundles with string or twine (no wider than 2 feet).
  • Loose Material: Place in biodegradable bags or rigid containers marked "Yard Waste." Do not line with plastic bags.
  • Weight Limit: Each bag, bundle or container should not exceed 50 pounds.
  • Holiday Trees: Remove decorations then cut trunk and limbs to 4 feet or shorter. Tie into bundles with string or twine