Reporting Street Issues

Streetlight Out

To report street light outages call the office - 614-322-5800. After normal working hours, leave a message with the address or location of the light and any other relevant information.

AEP (American Electric Power) owns and maintains 700 street lights on City Streets. If the light belongs to AEP, we will contact them.

Individuals with private security lights and those living in apartment complexes must make the call to AEP at 1- 800-277-2177.

Traffic Light or School Flashing Light Out

To report a traffic or school flashing light out please call us at 614-322-5800 and let us know the location.

Pot Holes or Debris in the Road

Please call the Street Department at 614-322-5800. Let us know the location and traveling direction of the pothole or where the debris is located.

Trees Located Between the Curb and Sidewalk

The trees must be cut 14 feet above the roadway and 10 feet above the sidewalk. These trees are the property owners responsibility and they have the right to remove them.