Rusty Water

It is important to note that when rusty water is experienced it is normally not a health concern but one of aesthetic quality. Rusty-brown, orange, or light yellow water can be caused by a variety of reasons including: water main breaks, fire fighting operations, hydrant flushing or broken hydrants, construction work or damage, system depressurizations, and corroding iron pipes. Normally rusty water events dissipate in 4 to 6 hours but could last longer depending on water usage in the area. If the event lasts more than 24 hours, please call our water office at 614-322-4500.

During such an event, it is of little to no value for you to run your water until it turns clear; this is wasteful and costly to you as a consumer. During such events, use of hot water should be kept to a minimum, as it will draw cold rusty water into your hot water tank. If your hot water tank does have rust in it, use caution and please follow the manufacturer's directions for shutting down, draining, and re-starting your hot water tank.

Clothing washed in rusty water can become stained. Should this occur, it is important not to dry the clothing. Instead, leave the wet clothing in the washer and apply an iron removal product as soon as possible to prevent the iron stain from setting. The Water Department does have the iron removal product available and you can stop by during regular business hours and pick it up. Please follow the manufacturer's instructions.