Sewage/Sewer Issues

Sewage Backup Problem

If you observe a sewer overflow into a waterway, call the Reynoldsburg Water/Wastewater Department or if you suspect your sewer drains are backing up, before you call a plumber, call the Water/Wastewater Department at 614-322-6811. After normal working hours, weekends and holiday, call the Reynoldsburg Police Department non-emergency number at 614-866-6622. We will check the City's main sewer lines to see if they are clear. If the city's sewer main is clear, you will be advised to call a plumber to unclog your lines. If the City's sewer main is backing up, you will be informed and a crew will be dispatched ASAP to clear the obstruction.

Sewer Odor Problem

The most likely cause of a sulfurous or rotten-egg like odor is from either the water trap below the sink (i.e. the "P-trap") or from within the faucet itself. As organic material settles in the water trap beneath the sink, a sulfurous or rotten egg smell is often mistakenly perceived as coming from the water. The best way to test this theory is by filling a glass of water at the sink and then smelling it away from the sink in a different room. If the smell disappears, then the problem is most likely in the sink itself. Pouring a ¼ cup of bleach down the drain and allowing it to sit overnight should help to relieve the problem. Cleaning the aerator is also recommended. It is important to note that this odor is normally not a health concern but one of aesthetic quality.