2022 Proposed Charter Amendments

Issues 37-42

Issue 37: Adding Definitions for Legislative Actions

(Ordinance Number 75-2022)

The current charter does not define any legislative action made by the city council so this charter amendment will add the following definitions:

  • Ordinance:  An Ordinance is a type of action by Council which consists of a general or permanent nature, creates a right, grants finance, or involves the expenditure of money, the levying of a tax, or authorizes the purchase, lease, sale, or transfer of real property.
  • Resolution: A Resolution is a declaration of intent or purpose, the authorization of some temporary act or administrative procedure, and the approval of any contract involving the expenditure of money that an ordinance has appropriated.
  • Motion:  A Motion shall be used to conduct the council's business, in procedural matters, for elections conducted among the Council members, appointments by the Council, and as otherwise provided by this charter.

With these definitions, the three-read and bidding processes will be more streamlined.

Issue 38: Giving President of Council Voting Power 

(Ordinance Number 73-2022)

This charter amendment will allow the council president to vote on all legislation the City Council presents. If this amendment were to pass, it would create an eight-member Council, raising the minimum number of votes to pass legislation from 4 votes to 5 votes. For votes that require a 2/3rd majority, the passing threshold will be raised from 5 votes to 6 votes. If the legislation is a tie vote (4-4), it does not pass because it does not meet the vote threshold.

Issue 39: Virtual Attendance of Council Meetings

 (Ordinance Number 74-2022)

This Charter amendment would allow members to attend City Council and Board/Commission Meetings virtually (subject to the pre-approval of the presiding officer). This only applies to “special” and “emergency” meetings.

Issue 40: Director of Public Safety

(Ordinance Number 76-2022)

This Charter amendment would remove the requirement for the city to appoint a Public Safety Director and stipulate that the chief of police shall be the head executive of the department if no director is appointed.

Issue 41: Planning and Zoning Board 

(Ordinance Number 77-2022)

This charter amendment would combine BZBA (Board of Zoning and Building Appeals) and Planning commission into a single board titled “Planning and Zoning Board” The Amendment would also increase the number of members from 5 to 7. This change streamlines the process and saves both the Applicant and the City time.

Issue 42: Initiative and Referendum reforms

(Ordinance Number 78-2022)

This Charter amendment would add language that would prevent any person or private entity from abusing the “ballot initiative” or “referendum” process to receive financial benefits or grant of power over economic or commercial activities with the city.
For example, the City of Columbus just recently had a solar power company manage to get a charter amendment on the ballot through a ballot initiative, which would require Columbus to invest a certain percentage of money into green or renewable power sources a ballot initiative process. If that amendment were to have passed, it would have resulted in significant profits for the company. The city of Columbus had to use many funds and city resources to educate the public on why this initiative was a bad idea. This charter amendment will prevent the city of Reynoldsburg from ending up in a similar situation.