What are the parking laws?

When there are large vehicles parked on the residential roadway it makes it very difficult to maneuver around them. In addition to vehicles trying to maneuver around them, children have a difficult time seeing to cross the road. For the reasons stated above the City of Reynoldsburg initiated an ordinance that prohibits the parking of such vehicles. The ordinance is summarized below:

351.16 Parking of Commercial Vehicles, Trailers, Recreational Vehicles, and boats.

No commercial vehicle, motorbus, motorbus home, recreation vehicle, house trailer, travel trailer, or other trailers as defined in Ohio R.C. 4501.01, and no boat or boat trailer shall be parked or be left standing on any street or alley within the city limits at any time.

Commercial Vehicle: means any vehicle with the current state-issued license plates attached with the designation "truck" or "commercial" or any vehicle including a trailer, used for the hauling of any machinery, device, materials, or equipment in connection with a commercial enterprise, whether such vehicle is marked or identified by lettering, symbols, or signs relating to such commercial purpose or enterprise or not having attached thereto a state-issued license plate with the designation "truck" or "Commercial vehicle."

351.13 Continuous Parking in the same location.

No person, except as proved in Section 351.16, who is the owner, agent, operator or other people in charge of any vehicle shall permit the vehicle to remain parked, standing, or abandoned upon any street for a continuous period longer than forty-eight hours. The purpose of this section is to prohibit continuous long time parking and the storage of vehicles on the streets of the city

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