I am buying or renting a home in Reynoldsburg. What do I need to do?

Please call the Reynoldsburg Water Department at 614-322-6811 to let us know your new Reynoldsburg address. We will need to know your date of closing and your move in date. We also need what name that you want on the account and your telephone number. If your new home does not have an electronic reading device, we will need to set appointment with you so that we may come to your home and get a final reading. If your new home has an electronic reading device, then no appointment will be necessary for us to obtain the final reading and put the account in your name.

You are billed for water, sewer, refuse and storm water. Storm water is a charge that is required by the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency to help maintain the lakes, rivers and streams here in the State of Ohio. It also helps to maintain the different storm sewers you see located around town.

In addition, a $100 deposit is required for rental properties.

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